Leading Digital Branding Strategies in 2021

The future of branding is digital. It’s a fact that cannot be disputed. In 2021, it will make up 98% of all marketing and advertising and virtually every aspect of our daily lives. As more millennials enter the workforce, they are looking for brands that represent them with authenticity and…

How the Internet of Things will transform the future of Digital Marketing

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

IoT is actually a collection of technologies that enable objects to receive and transmit data so that processes can be executed with little or no human intervention. Imagine a mine where earlier humans went in to dig out gold, metal, coal or stone. Bots — which are nothing but computerized…

11 Creative Branding Trends to Follow In 2021

We’ve entered a new decade and a new normal. In this new beginning, everything including branding trends will be tainted by the brush of Covid 19 pandemic and the resulting disruptions. That said, everything evolves and changes and so will branding. …

Hiren Panchal

Founder and Promoter of Litmus Branding. Designer at the core. 20+ years in Advertising. Branding insights on fingertips. A man with wise marketing words.

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