Your #Logo Will Make Your Business A Brand

#JPMorgan Chase, the brand needs no introduction, world’s sixth largest company. Standing tall as a prime financial cluster a whooping asset value of 2,35 trillion dollars.

Ever looked into its #logo, thoughtfully? It represents a position of power. The plain yet enormous font and nominal graphics #J.PMorganChase symbol gives out dominant vibes. The message is straight, “If you don’t pay us on time, we will charge you heavily!” Sounds a bit too unnerving? Yeah! but that’s the connect. The bank’s #logo is a statement in itself.

The #logo of the social media giant #Facebook is considered of the superlative standard by the graphic design industry. There is a spontaneous brand recognition to the #logo. So much so that while renewing it they made minimal changes keeping the major aspects intact. The above as discussed at length in an article, #Logos of the world’s 10 highest-valued companies (and what they teach us) by 99designs.

The below information has been taken from the #Logo Geek write up, What’s the purpose of logos and why do they matter? And Chron write up — Importance of #Logos in Business.

#Nike’s simple yet intriguing logo of the on the run tick mark has touched the right cord. Not to forget the twin tailed siren is the face of #Starbucks. An apple with a bite taken, is synonymous with a top computer and software company. Do I even need to say the brand name? The whole point here is once you see the logo, you already know the brand. The corporate needs no introduction. So, how do we achieve this?

Let’s get the basics right…And you will be on the right track!!

Simply a wired connect

A #logo is like a telephone connection to the brand. As you lay your eyes on it i.e. dial it, in this context, the brand will talk for itself.

It should spell out the relevant information of your brand, to the customer. The departments you deal in, your services and the product. One look at it and the potential customer knows that how will you be useful in their world. A sales call to the consumer, on a subconscious level. That ‘first look’ should clearly give the message that’s it’s you… #YourBrand.

It’s a badge for your company

Embedded onto your products, website and so on the #logo will be all over your business. The world will recognise #YourBrand with it. The #logo colours, graphics, fonts — everything will create a teaser for your brand story. It will be your corporate identity, easy to sell.

Later, it will be a part of a saleable brand identity like say brand merchandise.

A feeling of belongingness for the consumer

More often then not, people are bound to say “Thank You #Amazon. With #Amazon Prime and its various benefits like quick delivery and almost free delivery, it’s a win-win situation for the customer. Thus, making their liking apparent.

The arrow which points from A to Z on the #logo states that the product will be delivered right from their warehouse to their doorstep. The also arrow marks its product range saying it sells everything from A to Zee. Again, it denotes a smile for consumer satisfaction. The consumer owns these feelings and the #logo brings it back.

Creating an emotional connection with your #logo

“Swoosh” as the #Nike #logo is popularly called relates to lightning speed, movement, a sharp sound. All this intelligently clubbed and presented with a simple curve. The #logo was not well received in the beginning. Presently, it stands as crucial as the brand itself. The sports shoes company is known for it.

The sports brand it is and gives out the message and emotion loud and clear. It brings out the essence and soul turning it to an emotion for the consumer. If your #logo can also get the emotional connect integrated into the consumer psyche seamlessly, that will be your signature. This emotional connect branches into consumer retainership.

A factor that makes you stand apart from competition

Be yourself as in be true to your #YourBrand while designing the #logo. Even if it is out of the box, take the chance. Be brave, as your distinctive style will be Unique Selling Point. There could be hundred other coffee shops in your city, yet your go green attitude will give the right message. Showing you care for the environment and are doing something to preserve it.

The fonts and graphics used can convey a variety of emotions. It could be the company’s pursuit, the company’s vibe — fun/relaxed or professional. The best example here is #Google’s #logo, it communicates the relaxed and fun workplace it is. And also pitches in as a global brand.

Attracts a new customer base

We do not live in a dull or robotic world. As humans we are naturally drawn to fascinating things. The design, the colours and the make should be absorbing enough for a new prospect. #YourBrand #logo ingrained on the product packages and your store foreground will say a lot. The purchase will happen only when the consumer is drawn to something, they see that intrigues them.

The conclusion and answers

The snippets above lead us to a definite closure. Each entrepreneur can lead the consumer to have a clear idea of your brand.

For instance, the #J.PMorganChase #logo says, ‘it means business’ and stands for a reputation which is hard earned.

Does your company #logo do the same? Let’s check out -

Is your #logo exclusive? — Yes
Is it easy to relate to and understand? — Yes
Is it overstuffed with information? — No
Is it too simplistic? — No
Are the visuals confusing? — No
Check …. Is everything taken care of — colours, shapes and fonts? — Yes
Is it original (else you could be sued for piracy) and interesting? — Yes

If your above answers tally then you are good to go.

Designing a logo that is balanced and informative is a tough job. We are ready to take the challenge with you.




Founder and Promoter of Litmus Branding. Designer at the core. 20+ years in Advertising. Branding insights on fingertips. A man with wise marketing words.

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Hiren Panchal

Hiren Panchal

Founder and Promoter of Litmus Branding. Designer at the core. 20+ years in Advertising. Branding insights on fingertips. A man with wise marketing words.

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